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SYFY WIRE Bad Astronomy

Crash Course Astronomy: Outtakes 5

By Phil Plait

The final episode of Crash Course Astronomy went up last week, but if you miss it already, we have one final video for you: the fifth outtakes reel, which basically features me trying to pronounce common words as if I have a mouthful of oatmeal.

That bit near the end, where I seem way more upset about messing up thanking people than it calls for? That’s because it took a ridiculous number of takes to get that bit right. I lost count. Maybe 20? More? Mind you, this was literally the very last thing we were recording. Ever. We were wrapping up a long day of being in the studio, I had just finished the content for the final episode, and all I had to do was thank the fantastic folks who put CCA together. And I kept flubbing it. It was really frustrating. Over 46 episodes, that was easily the most failures I had getting the lines out. 

But I did (eventually), and we wrapped the series. So again, thanks to Nicole Sweeney and Nick Jenkins for making me look like a dork. If you want more, Outtakes One, Two, Three, and Four exist as well.

By the way, the entire CCA series is now online. When you’re done binging whatever’s on Netflix, give this one a shot. The whole Universe is waiting for you.

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