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Cybertruck prices too steep? This knockoff built in someone’s garage is only $10,800

By Elizabeth Rayne
Cybertruck knockoff

Do you dream of gunning a Tesla Cybertruck down the highway, but don’t have an extra $40,000-$70,000 to burn? You might still get to feel like Elon Musk cruising around (sort of) if you at least have the cash to book a flight to Russia.

In the Russian tradition of building knockoffs of cars that are otherwise unattainable for most of us, Pushka Garage has created a Cybertruck — at least it looks like a Cybertruck — that will only cost you just under 11 grand. The low-tech doppelgänger was literally built in a garage with a beater from the ‘80s that was revamped with sheet metal for that futuristic feel. This ride is available on, just in case you’re afraid someone will snatch it up before you get to Moscow.

The Tesla knockoff started with a VAZ 2109 (aka Lada Samara) that someone ditched for pretty understandable reasons. It’s one of those cars your parents wouldn’t have been too nervous about you driving in high school, because it isn’t exactly the type of thing made for showing off.

It is, however, angular enough to serve as the base for a fake Cybervehicle. The guys at Pushka Garage even managed to give it hubcaps with a Tesla logo. It’s already been turning heads while driving around Moscow and hasn’t broken a window yet.

Of course, you get what you pay for. Those double electric motors and lithium ion batteries that power the real thing don’t come cheap. Neither do the self-driving capabilities. What could easily be a Blade Runner prop car only cost $1,300 (including the junk clunker) to make, so if you factor in the effort that putting this whole thing together involved, you can see how it comes in at $10.8K. It’s the sheet metal panels, which fit well with its angular structure, that at least make it appear like a Cybertruck.

This car doesn’t even have four-wheel drive, but if you can pretend that you’re an ultracool futuretech tycoon maneuvering a front-wheel drive with a 1.6L gasoline engine from 1984, maybe it’s worth flexing on Instagram.

(via Ars Technica)