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Director David F. Sandberg drops second quarantine horror short 'Not Alone In Here'

By Jacob Oller
Not Alone in Here hed

After dropping Shadowed, a spooky small-scale horror short starring Lotta Losten and lots of unsavory night beings, director David F. Sandberg (Shazam!, Lights Out) has teamed up once again with his quarantine companion for Not Alone in Here. Sandberg is no stranger to online shorts, but his latest holds a particular pedigree: it's the longest short film the real-life couple's made yet.

Not Alone in Here clocks in at over six minutes, pushing the boundaries on how long a YouTube audience can sit there and suffer scares. Sandberg said he and Losten "tried something different this time" when he posted the short on Twitter:

The short, posted below, has an equally short and sweet description: "A woman suspects she's not alone in her house. Watch loud in the dark if you dare."

Check it out:

From the title alone (ha!), fans of the genre can already guess which isolation-enhanced anxieties the short will play on. But getting inside the head of Losten's character makes it all the more relatable for those stuck in the confines of their own homes. Plenty of horror tropes are addressed in this fun short, but fans aren't likely to forget some of those camera moves or that all-important out-of-focus shot.

Sandberg's next feature film, Shazam! 2, is scheduled for 2022.