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SYFY WIRE Violent Night

Christmas comes early as David Harbour brings 'Violent Night' to NYCC for premiere screening

Whether naughty or nice, everyone got to have a jingle ball. 

By Brian Silliman
(from left) David Harbour and John Leguizamo on the set of Violent Night.

Who's ready for Christmas in October? It isn't even Halloween yet, but the violent delights of Violent Night bestowed blessings on New York Comic Con 2022

Directed by Tommy Wirkola (What Happened to Monday?) and written by Pat Casey and Josh Miller (both Sonic the Hedgehog movies) the new film stars David Harbour as Santa Claus. But not your usual Santa. This version goes full Die Hard, fighting against a team of mercenaries, and both John Leguizamo and Beverly D'Angelo are in the mix. 

The first-ever screening of the movie was held at NYCC, and SYFY WIRE was there to bear witness. 

The movie is produced by David Leitch (Deadpool 2, Bullet Train, the John Wick movies) so that should give you some idea of what to expect. After a prolonged festooning by a group of carol singers (what month is this again?) Leitch and his producing partner Kelly McCormick greeted the audience in a video message, letting them know that they were the first people to see the movie. 

Wirkola then came out in person to introduce it. "I'm slightly nervous, but very excited," Wirkola said, before bringing out Harbour and Leguizamo. 

"Oh my god, I'm supposed to be in Eastern Europe, but I was like, I gotta screen this movie for my nerd friends in New York!" Harbour shouted.  "I'm really excited for you guys to see this little, crazy picture we made," he added. 

"This movie is so violent..." Leguizamo added. " have to close your eyes, it's also so funny. But it's really violent." He then talked about Harbour coming to set. "I didn't see David, I saw Santa. This man was born to play this part." 

"Not a compliment, by the way," Harbour joked back. 

The two were anxious to show the film, so they both shouted for it to begin, with Harbour adding, "...hopefully by the end of it, you will believe again." We're not allowed to discuss the movie itself or what we thought of it, even though we'd really like to. Instead, we'll just say that the NYCC audience went absolutely crazy for it. Every crazy moment got an insane response, and that certainly must have eased Wirkola's nervousness. 

Violent Night will come to theaters on December 2, 2022. 

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