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SYFY WIRE Year of the Villain

The universe tilts toward certain doom in DC's Sinestro: Year of the Villain #1

By Jeff Spry
Sinestro Hero

DC Comics' duplicitous stable of diabolical superheroes are being trotted out for the publisher's ambitious "Year of the Villain" line-wide event, with a series of legendary one-shots starring its biggest baddies — and SYFY WIRE has a sneak peek at the newest release featuring the sinister Sinestro.

Rolling out starting in June, and linked to Scott Snyder’s dynamic run on Justice League focusing heavily on Lex Luthor’s spiritual revelations as to evil's true purpose for Earth, 2019's “Year of the Villain” will center on good 'ol Lex broadcasting his summer message across the entire DC Universe and assembling a more dominant Legion of Doom.

Sinestro Cover

The newest nefarious spotlight, Sinestro #1, arrives on Aug. 7 and is written by the Eisner Award-nominated Mark Russell (The Lone Ranger, Wonder Twins, The Flintstones) and matched up with brash artwork courtesy of Yildiray Cinar (Justice League International, Supergirl: Red Daughter of Krypton).

The plot finds the known universe tilting towards inevitable doom while indomitable forces awaken in a valiant attempt to stop Lex Luthor’s mad machinations. Deploying Sinestro as a countermeasure, Luthor unleashes the crimson-skinned former Green Lantern to bring these ancient gods under control or obliterate them before they reach Earth. Empowered by the infinite might of the ultraviolet spectrum, Sinestro discovers his new enemies are even more dangerous and confounding than he anticipated when he realizes any suffering he inflicts is quickly repaired.

Sinestro Slice 1

"I wanted this story to be the human cost of institutions," Russell tells SYFY WIRE. "An examination of servitude and why we choose to serve the people and things we do, or to what degree we even do choose to serve, versus them choosing us. Sinestro seemed like an ideal lens through which to tell this story because he is someone who believes so thoroughly in imposing order on the Universe. He has been both servant and master and thus has experienced the question at the center of the story from both angles.

"But I didn't want the story to be some dry thinkpiece, but an epic action story," he adds. "So it really helped that Yildiray Cinar (who did the interior art) and Hi-Fi (who did the colors) really intuitively grasped the tone and atmosphere, not only of the story, but of the questions I wanted to ask in telling it."

Sinestro Slice 2

Outfitted with a bold cover by Brandon Peterson, intense colors from Hi-Fi, and lettering via Steve Wands, Sinestro: Year of the Villain #1 drops on Aug. 7.

Blast into our exclusive 5-page preview in the full gallery below, then chime in with your comments on this potent promotion filtering into many of DC's flagship titles.