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Do you remember when Jim Carrey ruled the world?


Where were you in the summer of 1994? We understand that not everyone was around in the mid-'90s, but for those who lived through it, 1994 was the year of Jim Carrey. The rubbery funnyman had made his mark on In Living Color for a few seasons. However, Carrey's accession to comedy superstar began in early '94 with Ace Ventura: Pet Detective.

That summer, Carrey struck gold again with The Mask, a comic book movie based upon Dark Horse’s hyper-violent series. The Mask was toned down for the big screen, but Carrey's cartoonish sensibilities were amped up to eleven. It was the perfect marriage of actor and material, as Carrey's straight-laced Stanley Ipkiss became the uncontrollable figure known as The Mask.

As we look back on one of Carrey's first blockbusters, SYFY WIRE's Juan Cadavid is introducing Jackie Jennings to The Mask video game, which came out in 1995. This was a SNES only title, that put players in control of The Mask in a very Tex Avery style world. The graphics are actually quite nice, and really capture the flavor of both the film and even a few aspects of the comic.

Unfortunately, the gameplay couldn't quite live up to the movie. The Mask simply wasn't very fun to play because of the unwieldy controls and some questionable level designs. Neither Jackie nor Juan were able to make it very far with this blast from the past. But they did take the time to learn a few things about each other.

For more fun with The Mask, check out the entire video!