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Doctor Who Podcast Episode 3: “Robot of Sherwood”

By Phil Plait

Episode 3 of the Slate Plus Doctor Who podcast is now live, where my editor Laura Helmuth and I talk about “Robot of Sherwood.” At the risk of spoilers, I, um, didn’t like it as much as previous episodes. And by “previous episodes,” I mean all of them, dating back to “Rose.”

I won’t go into it here but instead point you to the podcast where you can hear us grumble about the episode. It wasn’t all bad, but I was hoping for a lot more.

Still, I love Doctor Who, despite the odd road bump or two. And I’m still excited for the rest of the Capaldi episodes!

And as I’ve said before:

Fair warning: The podcast is part of  Slate Plus, which is a premium subscription service. It’s five bucks a month and provides all kinds of fun added content;  I’ve written about it before. There’s a lot of great stuff there on top of the usual great stuff at  Slate, so I heartily recommend signing up.
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