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This bee horror is no B-horror: A woman's eye was really full of bees

By Jacob Oller

Horror fans immediately associate bees with Candyman and its terrifying poster. The film saw its antagonist lynched, slathered in honey, and stung to death — one of the few bee-related deaths in film (we can’t forget Wicker Man) and the only one to result in a ghost this angry. Jordan Peele may be producing a sequel to the film, but a recent news story may have beaten them to the bee-horror (or is it B-horror?) punch.

According to Business Insider Singapore, a 29-year-old Taiwanese woman known only as He was admitted to Taiwan’s Fooyin University Hospital complaining of an eye infection. Then doctors removed four sweat bees from her eye. Four. Bees. In her eye. Literally eating her tears, no less.

And trust us, you don’t want to watch the video:

Dr. Hung Chi-ting, head of ophthalmology at Fooyin University Hospital, reportedly said that “I saw something that looked like insect legs, so I pulled them out under a microscope slowly, and one at a time without damaging their bodies.” But how did they get in there? How did this horror movie start?

“I was visiting and tidying a relative’s grave with my family. I was squatting down and pulling out weeds,” the patient said at a press conference. That’s when she felt something get into her eye.

It wasn’t a fleck of dust, but a twist right out of a David Cronenberg film. Thankfully, the doctors removed the insects (which were slurping down on their host's tear ducts), and there seems to be no lasting damage to He, only to the sleeping patterns of everyone who hears about this story.

Enjoy the nightmares this causes, try not to get any bees in your eye, and definitely don't say "Candyman" into the mirror five times.

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