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SYFY WIRE Bad Astronomy

Donors Choose 2012

By Phil Plait

Science education is important to me. Science is the study of reality, of how the Universe works, and math is the language the Universe speaks. To understand them is, literally, to know the Universe.

Not everyone in the US gets that chance. A lot of schools and teachers simply don't have the money they need to give kids the education they need.

That's why, every year, I participate in the Donors Choose Science Blog Challenge - fund raising for teachers who are looking to create or buy educational materials for their classrooms. Donors Choose is an organization that supports teachers by letting them create their own funding page - a bit like KickStarter, but for educators.

Every year, Donors Choose has their Science Blog Challenge to raise as much money as possible over a three week period.This year's challenge ends on November 5.

I have created a Bad Astronomy page on their website where you - the readers of my blog, and lovers of sciencey things - can kick in some cash. You can peruse the projects teachers have listed, and give to the ones you want (hence the name Donors Choose). I just bet there's something there you wish you could've done when you were in school. Why not give a kid the chance you may not have had?

Last year, this blog raised nearly $6000 for those students. Let's see what we can do in 2012. Thanks.

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