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‘Doom Patrol’: Immortus drags DC’s oddballs to ‘the literal end of days’ in Season 4 trailer

The gang's about to travel back in time...all to stop a threat that has an infinite shelf life.

By Benjamin Bullard
Doom Patrol Season 4

DC’s weirdest, wackiest gaggle of misfit heroes is headed back to HBO Max for another shot at greatness (or maybe just at getting by), and the streamer’s new trailer for the upcoming fourth season of Doom Patrol sets up a new threat the gang has got to take seriously…if, that is, ‘serious’ is even a word in their sarcastically jaded vocabulary.

“Immortus is real, and it’s coming,” warns a downright doomy Willoughby Kipling (Mark Sheppard) as the trailer pulls back the curtain on the sinister-sounding "Immortus Project." While an apparent small-screen nod to General Immortus and the Brotherhood of Evil, the Season 4 teaser seems to be putting a new twist on its DC comics-based source material.

“Haven’t you ever wondered why you’ve looked exactly the same for decades?” Willoughby asks with more than a hint of mystery.

Check it out:

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Sounds like the clock’s ticking! “We are wandering into the literal end of days as we speak,” Willoughby cautions…even as this hard-to-impress group shrugs it all off with a collective yawn. Problem is, none of these guys seem to care until the last possible Code Red second, when their backs are already against the wall and there’s no place left to go but up.

Willoughby’s warnings fall on sarcastically deaf ears until the gang begins to grasp that the key to stopping the Immortus Project — whatever it ultimately turns out to be — will force them to confront their own past. Yep, that means Season 4 will be heading back in time to drop in on younger, more innocent versions of our world-weary heroes…far enough back, in fact, to find Cyborg (Jovian Wade) in that awkward, braces-wearing teenage stage.

Along the way, the new season looks ready to check all the boxes on fans’ long list of Doom Patrol must-haves: Tons of over-the-top action, vastly big buckets of bloody violence, and a generous smattering of antihero sass (just watch the grossed-out reaction that Robotman, aka Cliff Steele, gets for suggesting a fun way to greet the end of the world).

Starring Matt Bomer (Larry Trainor), Matthew Zuk (Negative Man), April Bowlby (Rita Farr), Michelle Gomez (Madame Rouge), Brendan Fraser (Cliff Steele), Riley Shanahan (Robotman), Wade (Cyborg), Sheppard (Willoughby) and more, Doom Patrol eyes the apocalypse on Thursday, Dec. 8, when the Season 4 premiere lands at HBO Max.

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