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SYFY WIRE Everything Everywhere All at Once

'Everything Everywhere' directors can't stop sending Michelle Yeoh memes inspired by the hit film

Why not? There's an entire multiverse of memes just waiting to be discovered!

By Josh Weiss
Everything Everywhere All At Once (2022)

It's been almost a year since A24 unleashed the multiversal masterpiece that is Everything Everywhere All at Once onto the world, and pop culture has not been the same since. Beyond providing one of the most audacious pieces of cinema in recent memory, the breakout film has also garnered a giant, bagel-sized wormhole of awards season buzz and, not surprisingly, an entire multiverse of internet memes. In fact, co-directors Dan Kwan and Daniel Scheinert can't stop sending a plethora of viral images to Michelle Yeoh.

"The Daniels are part of this generation that are always on the internet, so they keep sending me ... all these images of people with the google eyes, or dressed as rocks, or with the hot-dog fingers, or as Raccaccoonie," Yeoh admitted during an interview with Empire for the magazine's February 2023 issue (now on sale). "I think the biggest joy is having this generation of filmgoers embrace [points to herself] this actor."

Asking general audiences to accept your mind-bending premise after the movie has already been filmed is one thing. Convincing a big-name actress to sign on before the cameras have even started rolling is something else entirely, particularly with a screenplay this nuts.

"I had to make sure that [they] weren't certifiably insane, because when you read that script you go, 'Okay, there's hot dogs and butt plugs, there's a lot going on here,'" she continued. "But when you talk to them, you see the passion, and the reason why they want to see this movie come to life. So we all held hands, we all jumped in together into an everything bagel. We had faith."

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It's been a momentous year for Yeoh, whose 2022 docket also included titles like Minions: The Rise of Gru (exclusively streaming on Peacock!) and The School for Good and Evil. She'll close out this revolution around the sun with Netflix's The Witcher prequel  Blood Origin — as an elven warrior named Scian. The four-part limited series premieres tomorrow.

"I was very excited because in a lot of these magical series, you don't see a lot of Asian faces," she added. "So I was very happen when [creator] Declan de Barra pitched the story to me, and I knew that Scian's character was so strong, but also filled with a history and tragedy. There was a lot of depth to the character."

Looking ahead, Yeoh has upcoming appearances in A Haunting in VeniceTransformers: Rise of the Beasts, Universal Pictures' two-part Wicked adaptation, and James Cameron's third Avatar film. "He's a genius, and he's an amazing storyteller," the actress said of the mastermind behind Pandora. "He also puts his money where his mouth is; he loves the planet, he loves the oceans."

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