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SYFY WIRE Bad Astronomy

Felicia makes my Day

By Phil Plait

I realized today that I have never really directly promoted Felicia Day's new YouTube Channel, Geek and Sundry. If you don't know who Felicia is, then a) what are you doing on the internet, and 2) seriously, what are you doing on the internet?

Felicia is an actor, producer, writer, funny person, dork, and all-around cool person. I can't remember if I first saw her on Doctor Horrible, where she played Penny, or on The Guild, a massively (and deservedly so) successful web comedy series she essentially created herself out of thin air (well, with the awesometastic Kim Evey too, hi Kim! [waves]).

She decided that spending 23.9 hours per day working wasn't enough, so she started up Geek and Sundry to highlight geek stuff. The channel has several shows on it, including the on-air book club Sword and Laser, and Wil Wheaton's gaming show Table Top. She has her own short show called The Flog, where honestly it's just her being adorable, which is apparently in her DNA. I've been watching them and they're great... so imagine my surprise when I got to the 46 second mark of this week's episode:

Oh my. No humorously false braggadocio here, folks: that's just plain cool.

Thanks Felicia!

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