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SYFY WIRE Bad Astronomy

Five Days in Paradise: Come to Science Luau 2016

By Phil Plait

Aloha! I’m pleased to announce registration is open for Science Luau 2016, a five-day vacation on the Big Island of Hawaii, with a special bonus: SCIENCE.

My wife and I run a company called Science Getaways, where we take people on vacations that are already really nice and add science to them. For this trip, we’re spending Sep. 19–23 on the Big Island, in the lovely and luxurious Mauna Lani hotel on the Kohala coast.

We have several special extras planned. We’ll take a trip to the Kilauea volcano with an expert tour guide, ending in a stop at dusk at the summit crater, Halema'uma'u (ha-LAY-mah-oo-mah-oo), to see the lava pool glowing and illuminating the sulfur plume huffing and puffing out of it. We’ve chartered a boat to go to some coral reefs for snorkeling, and then we’ll go night diving with manta rays. We’ll also be taking a hike through a dry forest with another expert guide to look at the amazing native Hawaiian trees and wildlife. 

I know a thing or two about astronomy, so I’ll be bringing my solar telescope to show you what our active Sun is doing that week. On top of all that, there will be talks by experts about what we’ll be experiencing; I’ll be giving an astronomy talk as well.

We’ve been doing these Getaways for a few years now, and they have always been a lot of fun, with honestly wonderful people (many have made lifelong friends on these trips). We went to the Big Island last year and it was so popular we decided to do it again. 

I hope you’ll join us. All the information you need is on the Science Getaways page. Mahalo, and see you in paradise in September!

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