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Geeking out with the Mets at Citi Field


In New York City, the Mets are sports heroes and superstars. But they’re just as human as the rest of us. More importantly, some of them are geeks just like us. That’s why SYFY WIRE eagerly accepted the chance to visit the Mets at Citi Field and geek out with them in person!

Among Mets fans, it’s become a running gag to identify Noah Syndergaard as Thor. And he really does have the Norse God thing down! But he isn’t the only member of the team who identifies with the Avengers.

“I get a lot of flack in the locker room because I tell people I want to be like Black Panther a lot,” said first baseman Dominic Smith. “That movie was pretty sick. We’ve got Thor [Syndergaard], David [Wright] is Captain America. I said Pete [Alonso] should have been the Hulk ... Black Panther would have been cool for me. Only thing is, I’m not as fast as him, but we definitely joke around about stuff like that.”

Smith also told us the Avengers have a lot of his childhood favorites on their team, and shared his appreciation for the special effects in the MCU films.

We also spoke with outfielder Michael Conforto about his passion for PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds (aka PUBG). Unfortunately for Conforto, it’s not a passion shared by his teammates.

“Every time I mention that [game] in the clubhouse, no one has any idea what I’m talking about,” said Conforto. “For the most part, if guys are playing video games they’re playing Call of Duty [and] Fortnite.”

For more geeky details from Citi Field, including the Infinity Gauntlet style glove of Mets closer Edwin Diaz, check out the full video!