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SYFY WIRE Bad Astronomy

George Hrab Shows You How to Think

By Phil Plait

George Hrab is many things: a musician, a comedian, a fine dresser, and a very good friend of mine.

He’s also a skeptic, and an excellent storyteller.

Those last two are why I bring him up: He gave a TEDx talk about skepticism recently, and the video is now online. You really need to watch the whole thing; it’s only 24 minutes long, and it’ll fly by. That’s the same length as a standard sitcom, and trust me, it’s way better.

Or don’t trust me. That’s kinda the point.

There’s so much great stuff to take away from this talk, but my favorite is this quote (from the part starting at 12:57): “Every time you look on the Web, every time you receive a piece of email … pretend it’s April 1st.”

If Every. Single. Person. Alive. Would just DO that, then my job load would be cut by 15 percent. Easily.

George’s talk is a tour de force of what it means to think. It should be required viewing in schools around the world.

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