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CM Punk contends with an oozing shower in ominous clip from Girl on the Third Floor

By Josh Weiss
CM Punk Girl on the Third Floor

Don't buy a haunted house, folks, especially one that oozes slime and causes you to go crazy. In Girl on the Third Floor, WWE star Phil "CM Punk" Brooks plays Don Koch, a family man renovating a spooky domicile only to face all kinds of nasty pushback from its bursting pipes and rotting walls. Having made its world premiere at SXSW in April, the well-received horror film (directed by Travis Stevens) becomes available to the masses this weekend and to celebrate such a scary occasion, we've got an exclusive clip to show you.

To set the stage, imagine going for a nice little run and not being able to wash the sweat off of your body afterwards. Now imagine that your shower head is oozing reproductive-like slime and you've got an idea of what the clip below has in store...

Watch below:

The movie, which Variety dubbed an "enjoyable horror opus," co-stars Trieste Kelly Dunn as Don's wife, Liz.

"I just want people to enjoy a hard-R rated horror movie again," Stevens told Fangrrls about the movie back in April. "That is, hard R because it's fun and wet, and weird, and crazy. And while they're enjoying that experience, we're slowly encouraging them to maybe be a more decent human being."

"You usually see the females in horror movies being chased by the monster, and now the shoe is on the other foot. And I got to f***ing have a ball with it," CM Punk said during an interview with Fangrrls. "Just, you know, just be a big crying mess. I got to shed the phony façade of being this hard-ass and just lay on the floor bleeding and crying and, 'Oh, why me? Why me?'"

Girl on the Third Floor arrives in theaters and on digital platforms this Friday, Oct. 25. Watch the trailer right here.