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Godzilla star Millie Bobby Brown loves Mothra and Thomas Middleditch has very warm thighs

By Jordan Zakarin

Since his first appearance in 1954, Godzilla has been recognized as the King of the Monsters, a royal reality that leaves other kaiju often scrambling for their own titles in the MonsterVerse. And without spoiling what happens in the blockbuster tug-of-war in Godzilla: King of the Monsters, we here at SYFY WIRE can report that the cast and crew of that movie are almost unanimous in naming Mothra the Queen of Cute.

We posed the hard-hitting question to the group at the movie's premiere in Los Angeles earlier this month, and Mothra's new majestic look clearly made an impression.

"The cutest is Mothra because she's so cutest and graceful, I'm a big fan," raved star Millie Bobbie Brown, who was cloaked in golden threads that invoked the flying insect kaiju. Meanwhile, director Michael Dougherty said that "Mothra is the Queen of Cute," while also promoting her fighting skills. "I feel like it's time that she really able to throw down with the big boys and not just flutter around and hover."

Co-star Thomas Middleditch was a big fan of Mothra's bioluminescence, and called her a sweetie... but also revealed that Mothra did reveal a bit of a dark side on set. Middleditch, best known for Silicon Valley, was in particularly forthright mood at the premiere, as he also admitted that he would have no problem flying a molten lava Rodan, thanks to his famously warm thighs. You just rarely get that sort of honesty from celebrities, and it should be appreciated.