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GRRLTalk: Anna Akana

By Fangrrls Staff

It's GRRLTalk, where we sit down with some favorite ladies to learn all about their relationship to fandom. Today, let's get to know Anna Akana who currently stars in Magical Girl Friendship Squad which is part of SYFY's TZGZ on Saturday nights.

What are you currently FANGRRLing over? Why do you love it?

I'm currently fangirling over the animated Harley Quinn series! It's an amazing R rated, queer friendly, action packed cartoon that is everything I've ever wanted.

What was your first fandom?

My first fandom was Inuyasha, and everything Rumiko Takahashi has written since.

When you were a kid, what was your most prized geek possession? Do you still have it?

I have first edition, mint condition Watchmen comic books. To this day they are safely packed away in my closet.

Who was most instrumental in getting you into geek culture?

Japanese anime (and my father's obsession with it) was what got me into geek culture. My dad used to watch Tenchi Muyo, Ranma 1/2, and others with us.

What are you geek-curious about?

I've looked into everything I've been curious about!

Do you collect nerdy stuff? If so, what?

I collect graphic novels and comic book series.

Do you cosplay?

Haha I think acting is its own cosplay. I used to cosplay in my teens and early twenties (used to work as a Slave Leia at the Gentle Giant Booth for free comic con tickets!) but most of the "cosplay" I do now is less character based and more SFX based.

What's your favorite cosplay that you’ve ever done?

I am a sucker for Kagome Higurashi. She's simple, but what I wanted to always be.

What’s something geeky that you will always spend money on?

Hard cover comic books — currently the Avatar series.

If you could do a TED Talk on anything fandom-related, what would it be and why?

Probably Brian K. Vaughan. From SAGA to Y: The Last Man, Vaughan is a legend.

What’s one moment in nerd history you’ll never get over (good or bad)?

The red wedding. Ugh.

If a studio/company came to you and said they would make anything you want (movie/show/comic/product/etc), what would it be and why?

I'd love to make Brian K Vaughan's SAGA and play Alana. I think it's one of the most epic space operas to ever be conceived and needs to be made for the screen

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