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SYFY WIRE Bad Astronomy

Happy Goatsgiving

By Phil Plait

There’s a very long list of things I feel thankful for this holiday, far too many to actually itemize. But somewhere on that list, well above the median line, would be these goofy creatures:

We moved out to the country outside of Boulder, Colorado, a little while ago, and there was some extra space in the yard where the previous owners of the house had a small horse barn. We had no use for it, really, and couldn’t decide what to do with it. Then one day we were watching adorable goat videos, and my wife got this look in her eye …

And that’s how I became a goat person. We have two Nigerian Dwarfs and two pygmies. We picked up Clayton Forrester, one of the Nigerians,* when he was still being weaned, so we bottle-fed him goat milk for a week or so. He still likes to sit on our laps and cuddle while he chews his cud. It’s ridiculously cute:

Seriously. C’mon. There's also this

I post pictures and videos of these dorks all the time on Instagram; follow me there if you want to see them. And you do.

I love these silly animals, and I love to share their antics with people online. It may not save the world, but you know what? Every little bit of joy we share, no matter how small, incrementally makes the world a better place. If a million people do that, even once or twice a week, it would add up.

Happy Thanksgiving, folks. Make the world better, even just a little.

* The other goats are Jack, Batman, and Sam. Someone asked me if Jack and Sam were from Stargate SG-1, and I could've kicked myself for never seeing that. But no, Jack is actually Jack Burton, from the single greatest movie ever made. I like to think that Clayton is named after a character in another favorite movie, but my daughter named him, so it's probably for this guy.

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