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SYFY WIRE Heavy Metal

First look: Heavy Metal #300 is ready to 'melt people's brains' with landmark issue

By Jacob Oller

Heavy Metal's landmark issue #300 is on the horizon and fans of the illustrated genre magazine are in for a treat. Not only does the issue promise plenty of excessive, high-octane sci-fi, fantasy, and horror — which one would expect from any Heavy Metal — but a non-stop barrage of new talent curated by CEO Matt Medney.

The issue is still set to release the same week as San Diego Comic-Con (one of the few entertainment events still on the schedule, at least for now, amidst the coronavirus pandemic) and SYFY WIRE can exclusively reveal the iconic cover. Featuring Taarna, the Taarakian warrior that made her Arzach-inspired debut in the 1981 Heavy Metal film, the cover from artist Claudia Ianniciello is a throwback and a classic promising an "All Star Special."

Check it out:


"This cover doesn't just symbolize a new era for Taarna, it is a new era for Heavy Metal," Medney told SYFY WIRE. "Our team is simply the most passionate group of genre loving experts I have ever had the pleasure of being around, and such, they bring some amazing artists with them, such as Claudia. We are palpating with excitement for what we are going to be rolling out in the coming months. I personally, cannot wait for everyone to see what we have in store for them."

Featuring the debuts of Brendan Columbus' Savage Circus among many, many more, the issue promises to be impactful even through the current real-world crisis. Regardless of SDCC's eventual fate, issue #300 is pushing forward. “We’re not holding back," Medney told SYFY WIRE. "It’s full steam ahead from our point of view." Perhaps more in the tone of Heavy Metal, Columbus told SYFY WIRE that the issue would “melt people’s brains.”

SYFY WIRE recently announced that Dan Fogler and more were joining Heavy Metal's roster of talent, which fans will be able to see much more frequently after the 300th issue drops. That's because, in September, the magazine will shift to a monthly release schedule from its current pace of six times a year.

Heavy Metal #300 comes out this July.