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SYFY WIRE Bad Astronomy

“Here Is the Beautiful Place: Who Could Mistake It? Here Is Odysseus’

By Phil Plait

The airless moons of our solar system are testaments to impacts, their surfaces peppered with craters large and small.

And I do mean large. Saturn’s moon Tethys is an interesting place all on its own—an icy world 1,000 kilometers across—but its captivating mien is punctuated by an ungodly vast impact basin named Odysseus.

Did I say “ungodly”? It’s actually quite the opposite, or at least “godslike.” I explain what I mean in my biweekly article for “Space Odyssey.”

The article is subscription only, but for five bucks a month you get a lot of really solid content—not just me, but also from folks like Emily Lakdawalla and Lucie Green. I could compare that price to a cup of coffee (and its ephemeral effects), or downloading an app you’ll never use, or getting a forgettable movie off pay-per-view, but you know what things cost versus their impact on you. Five dollars ain’t much, and it delivers space right to your browser.

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