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SYFY WIRE Bad Astronomy

Hey! It’s Not Rocket Science!

By Phil Plait

I mentioned in a recent post that I met astronaut Chris Hadfield at Comic-Con in early July. Chris is the real deal: He is a friendly, funny, warm, intelligent, and hard-working human being who truly and passionately wants to make the world a better place.

One way to do that is to get more people interested in science. To do that, he’s helping create (and starring in!) an animated comedy science series called “It’s Not Rocket Science,” which will premier this fall.

The series is being made with the help of his son, Evan. It was Evan’s idea for his dad to make the “Space Oddity” video, in case you’re wondering if Evan is up to the task (he edited it all together, too). Evan has also been helpful to me a few times pinning down some of the photos from space Chris took when he was on the International Space Station, too.

As for the animation, rest assured that’ll be great too. How do I know? Because my friends Tracy King And DC Turner are doing that! They made Tim Minchin’s brilliant song “Storm” into an equally brilliant animated video.

The animated series will be free on YouTube, but they’re supporting it via Patreon. If you pledge to it, you can get lots of bonuses, like graphics, wallpapers, mention in the credits, and even signed swag from Chris.

They’re making 10 videos, and I am seriously really excited to see them! This is a fantastic team of people, and I know the series will be great.

So throw some filthy lucre their way, and keep your brain ready for this. You’ll be glad you did. In the meantime follow Chris, Evan, Tracy, and DC on Twitter, to keep up with the news on the show.

And because why not, here's "Storm." It's amazing.

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