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How to audition for a role in Harry Potter and the Cursed Child


First of all, it's not a musical, so don't go randomly breaking into show tunes like Nicholas Podany (Albus Potter) and Jon Steiger (Scorpus Malfoy) just did onscreen. But it is the new holy grail (or Triwizard cup) for Potterheads.

"It was a long process, but it was a great, fun, amazing process," Steiger told SYFY WIRE of Harry Potter and the Cursed Child. "You go through it so many times that you get to know people."

When Steiger was in the final audition, he came out and the co-star he didn’t know yet was his co-star "was right there," as the actor remembered. When Podany found out he got a Hogwarts letter — uh, that he got the role — he went to see the show right away (who wouldn't?). Guess who was an usher at that theater? Steiger, who pulled him into the curtained section between the box seats and just had to know whether he got the role of Albus, because Steiger himself couldn't wait to make the reveal that he got Scorpius. It was the kind of magic you didn't need wands for.

Of course, even though both of them burst into tears of ecstasy, neither actor was actually allowed to tell anyone yet. It was kind of like when Harry sneaked into the Forbidden section of the library in the first movie and managed to get past both Filch and his cat. That still didn't stop Steiger and Podany from going to the front of their stage and kind of divining their future, as Professor Trelawny would probably say, by standing right at the front.

The Sorting Hat was right to pick these two. Steiger remembers feeling a connection to the moment you first see Scorpius get rejected by one of his peers at Hogwarts, and that he must have felt like "the loneliest child on the planet." You could think that Draco Malfoy's kid deserves it, but the character is actually much more decent than his cowardly former Death Eater father. You might even side with Scorpius by the end.

Albus has something to do with that. He pulls Albus out of the shadows of isolation, even though this is the last thing you'd expect from a Potter and a Malfoy. "That's what I think that Albus does for Scorpius — he brings him up to that level he knows he could be at," Steiger said.

To find out more about the sorcery of this play, watch below!

This article was contributed to by Elizabeth Rayne.