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Want to become a Marvel writer? Preeti Chhibber tells us how to make it happen

We got the details straight from someone writing the future at Marvel.

By Jackie Jennings
Preeti Chhibber Tells Us How To Become a Marvel Writer

Preeti Chhibber is an accomplished writer, host, podcaster, and editor. She’s published books, comics, short stories, and co-hosts a Wheel of Time podcast and the Desi Geek Girls podcast. She has appeared on camera here at SYFY and written countless articles for SYFY WIRE and a myriad of other online publications. She’s a person to respect. A person from whom one can learn much. So naturally, there’s one question to ask her: Does she think Andrew Garfield is going to be in No Way Home? He is, right? Right?!

As you can see in our interview with Chhibber, this gleeful prediction making (and, okay, what some might describe as "mild freaking out") was bookended by a conversation about the process of pitching to behemoths like Marvel. We also got some tidbits on the upcoming Spider-Man YA trilogy she’s penning for the comics giant.

The first book in the trilogy is Spider-Man’s Social Dilemma and it takes place a few months after the world’s most consequential insect bite. The story finds Peter trying to figure it all out — life, jobs, relationships, and, you know, being a superhero-in-training. The trilogy, primarily aimed at middle grade audiences, will deal with all those tough coming-of-age stressors, but Chhibber assures us there will also be plenty of Peter’s trademark, well, cuteness. 

As for where the story fits into Spider-Man canon, Chhibber explains, “It’s not in comics continuity. He’s sort of just kind of become Spider-Man, just a few months in — not super good at it yet. He’s working on it.”

Chhibber is putting her own stamp on this formative time in Peter’s story, most notably by making MJ a big part of it.

"I really thought it was important for her to be important to the plot beyond just her relationship to Peter," she says.

And as for the fans who might quibble with the inclusion of Mary-Jane in this high school story? Chhibber’s thought about that too, of course: "I think Mary-Jane is a wonderful character... And I know people are like, ‘Well, he didn’t meet her in high school.' Well, he did in my book."

And just how did Chhibber come to write an entire Spider-Man trilogy? The path to any really cool job, whether it is writing books or being Spider-Man, is not linear and is almost always unique. So of course we asked Chhibber about hers. As she explains in the video, it involves New York City, preparation, a little Tom Holland, and a whole lot of Internet.

It turns out being loud on the internet in a constructive way actually can get you what you want. If that is the case, then please watch this video of Preeti and I geeking out about The Wheel of Time adaptation on Amazon:

Preeti Chhibber Talks Wheel of Time

And for the full interview with Preeti, watch below. And, yeah, we both think Andrew and Toby are in No Way Home. At least they better be.

Preeti Chhibber Tells Us How To Become a Marvel Writer