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ICYMI: The top 9 posts on FANGRRLS 04/20

By Kayleigh Donaldson

Let's all enjoy the calm before the storm. This is the last week of our pre-Endgame lives, and everything from here on in will never be the same, at least in the geek world. We've bought our tickets (often waiting hours to do so, thank you very much, multiple crashing booking websites), made our predictions, and sort of but not really prepared ourselves from the thrilling climax. Who lives? Who dies? What happens next? Truly, we aren't prepared. But for now, let's look to the not-too-distant past and check out what you, our dear readers, most enjoyed on SYFY FANGRRLS these past seven days.

Agent Carter

 - Please, for the love of god, Marvel, do not retcon Agent Carter in Endgame

It's no wonder that Steve Rogers/Peggy Carter remains such a popular Avengers ship, and sure, it would be sweet to see them reunited in Endgame in some way, but as Alyssa Fikse argues, doing so could rob Peggy of our value.

 - Religious children’s fiction and the books that helped shape my atheism

The Chronicles of Narnia was C.S. Lewis' way to teach the scriptures of Christianity to children through allegory and adventure. His Dark Materials was Philip Pullman's response from an atheistic point of view. For our very own Tricia Ennis, these books shaped her own beliefs in a big way.

 - Your Name is the best anime you've never seen

Makoto Shinkai's animated romantic drama Your Name is one of the highest-grossing Japanese films ever made, as well as the highest-grossing anime movie of all time, but it's still a little-known entity in America. Jenna Busch explains why you should watch it.

 - The Seven of Nine binge guide

Seven of Nine, Tertiary Adjunct of Unimatrix Zero One, is one of Voyager's most popular characters. S.E. Fleenor offers a binge guide of her best episodes for those looking for an introduction to her.

 - The Last Jedi's message of spirituality over religion is a much-needed shift in the Star Wars saga

For decades, scholars, fanatics, and moderately interested practitioners have searched for real-life religious parallels in Star Wars, but The Last Jedi took the franchise in a more spiritual route that our own Jessica Toomer heartily supports.

 - An Emily Blunt stan finally watches Edge Of Tomorrow

Jessica Toomer loves Emily Blunt, but she took until now to sit down and watch the absolute glory that is Edge of Tomorrow. The experience changed her life just a little.

 - Nebula deserves to kick Thanos' ass in Avengers: Endgame — and it sounds like she'll get to

S.E. Fleenor makes their case for Nebula getting her dues: "I mourn Gamora and I mourn for Nebula. I know that if my sister were to be killed by our abuser, especially after all the work we’ve done to mend our relationship, I might never recover. I might never be me again. I feel so deeply for both Gamora and Nebula because I have spent a lifetime imagining being the one murdered or the one left behind. And that’s why I can’t wait to see Nebula beat Thanos’ ass in Avengers: Endgame."

 - Taking a leap of faith with The Leftovers

HBO's The Leftovers offered one of the most meditative and emotionally complex takes on faith and grief we've ever seen on TV. Emma Fraser digs into the series finale and the answers (or lack thereof) it offered.

 - Book vs. Flick: The Stand

Stephen King's The Stand is one of the most epic works the prolific author has ever created, and perhaps his most ambitious at the time. The 1994 ABC miniseries tried to take on a thousand pages of plot, character, and mythos, but how well did it succeed? Sara Century looks into it.

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