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SYFY WIRE The Addams Family

Wednesday unlocks arcane powers in IDW's The Addams Family: The Bodies Issue

By Jeff Spry
Addams Slice

MGM's kid-friendly The Addams Family animated movie has been a refreshing surprise in the fall box-office season, scaring up a global total of just over $90 million in its theatrical run and garnering high praise for its Vancouver-based creators at Cinesite Studio.

To extend the creepy, kooky fun, IDW Publishing is unleashing The Addams Family: The Bodies Issue on Nov. 6 for fans young and old of Charles Addams' original New Yorker cartoons, the '60s TV series, and director Barry Sonnenfeld's delightfully demented feature films from the '90s.

Addams 1

This wacky 36-page one-shot is written by Zoe Quinn (Goddess Mode, The Infected: Deathbringer) and accented with weird, whimsical art from Philip Murphy (Adventure Time, Back to the Future) while staying true to the official character designs conjured up by the talented crew of illustrators and animators at Cinesite.

The storyline finds Wednesday Addams experiencing adolescent growing pains in the eccentric horror household. While searching the Addams' eclectic library for the creepiest grimoire, Wednesday discovers a mysterious book that promises true empowerment to the curious young woman who wields its secret.

Determined to unlock its mystic energy, she decides to explore the dark occult rituals hidden within the bright pages of Eleventeen magazine to try and achieve ultimate power.

Addams Slice 1

"I've been a fan of the Addams Family since I was a kid," Murphy tells SYFY WIRE. "I remember my first exposure to them was watching the 1973 animated series reruns on Saturday evenings. With this book, we definitely wanted to keep to the style of the Addams, spooky but family-friendly. I went back and read the old cartoons and watched some episodes of the show and the movies to get into Addams mode—ha! The new movie has such a great art style. It was an amazing chance to get to adapt it to a comic, so I really wanted to stick as close as possible to that."

Addams Slice 2

Murphy explains that their eerie tale focuses on Wednesday and her search for new ways to fool her family.

"She wants to show them how much she cares, but things don't work out to plan," he adds. "I don't want to spoil the story, so I will say it was a lot of fun drawing the Addams and their house, which is definitely a character in its own right! The rooms are full of old antiquities, books, magic tombs, and weird experiments."

Now step inside the Addams' gothic mansion for our exclusive 5-page peek at The Addams Family: The Body Issue in the gallery below, then tell us if you'll adopt this outrageous one-off when it visits comic shops Nov. 6.

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