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SYFY WIRE Bad Astronomy

If Global Warming Is a Hoax …

By Phil Plait

If global warming is a hoax ...

… then why was this September globally the hottest September on record by a substantial margin?

… then why were seven of the months in 2015 (so far!) the hottest of those months on record (February the hottest February on record, and so on)?

… then why is 2015 on track to be by far the hottest year on record?

… then why was the last warmest year on record just last year?

… then why are the 10 hottest years all since 1998?

… then why are we seeing far more high temperature records broken than lows?

… then why did summertime Arctic ice thin by more than 80 percent from 1975 to 2012?

… then why is Arctic sea ice volume dropping so fast it’s called a “death spiral”?

… then why is the percentage of older ice in the Arctic dropping?

… then why are we losing 450 billion tons of land ice every year?

… then why have we lost 5 trillions tons of land ice just since 2002?

… then why are Earth’s sea levels rising by more than 3 millimeters per year?

… then why are the oceans getting more acidic?

… then why are the vast majority of glaciers across the planet melting?

… then why do at least 97 percent, and perhaps as high as 99.9 percent of climate scientists say it’s real?

… then why don’t climate change deniers publish papers?

… then why do global warming deniers keep using long-falsified claims?

… then why does every conservative political party in the world except the GOP think it’s real?

… then why has the fossil fuel industry dumped more than $36 million (so far!) into the 2016 elections, with a staggering 93 percent of it going to Republicans?

… then why the hell is our globe warming?

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