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'In Search of Tomorrow': Massive '80s sci-fi doc soars in 'The Last Starfighter' exclusive clip

Check out a sneak peek of director David Weiner's 5-hour ode to the sci-fi cinema of the 1980s.

By Josh Weiss
The Last Starfighter (1984)

Missing Stranger Things something fierce? Not to worry! Filmmaker David Weiner (In Search of Darkness Parts I, II & III) has just the remedy you're looking for with In Search of Tomorrow. Currently on sale between now and Aug. 7, the five-hour documentary takes a deep dive into the most beloved and influential science fiction movies of the 1980s. We're not entirely sure if the Duffer Brothers have had a chance to check it out yet, but something tells us they'd give it two thumbs up.

SYFY WIRE is delighted to premiere an exclusive snippet dedicated to 1984's The Last Starfighter, which almost certainly laid the groundwork for Dean Parisot's Galaxy Quest, Chris Columbus's Pixels, and Ernest Cline's Armada with the story of a young man (played by Lance Guest) recruited to fight in an intergalactic war based on his exemplary video game skills. Written by Jonathan R. Betuel and directed by original Michael Myers actor, Nick Castle, the film didn't make a killing at the box office, but found new life and a massive cult following once it arrived on home video.

Check out the clip below:

In Search of Tomorrow: The Last Starfighter (EXCLUSIVE CLIP)

"The Last Starfighter is one of those 'secret handshake' sci-fi movies of the '80s," Weiner, who executive produced the documentary alongside Robin Block, tells SYFY WIRE. "You either saw it in theaters, on VHS, or on cable and you loved it — or it completely passed you by. Capitalizing on the pure love of the Star Wars saga and its incredible influence, Nick Castle's under-the-rader film is notable for its at-the-time cutting-edge CGI effects, but also for its Capra-esque quality that gives the story heart — and elevates it from dismissible Star Wars clone to warm, original adventure. It was a real treat to unite Castle and his onscreen stars, Lance Guest and Catherine Mary Stewart, for In Search of Tomorrow. Their collective love for the film shines through."

A sequel to The Last Starfighter is currently in active development from Betuel and Rogue One: A Star Wars Story scribe, Gary Whitta. Last spring, Whitta premiered a sizzle reel of early concept art drawn up by Matt Allsopp.

Viewers can get their hands on a copy of In Search of Tomorrow with a flash sale running from today through Sunday, Aug. 7. Purchase options include a physical media edition (Blu-ray, slipcover, three exclusive posters, sticker pack) and a digital copy. Click here for more details.

The film features never-before-seen interviews with genre titans like Ivan Reitman, Billy Dee Williams, Peter Weller, Dee Wallace, Nancy Allen, Paul Verhoeven, John Carpenter, Walter Koenig, Nicholas Meyer, Wil Wheaton, Adam Nimoy, Jesse Ventura, Joe Dante, Bob Gale, Gene Simmons, Kurtwood Smith, Carrie Henn, Joey Cramer, Alex Winter, Sean Young, Sam J. Jones, John Dykstra, Phil Tippett, Dennis Muren, Lance Guest, Julie Brown, Vernon Wells, Clancy Brown, Sarah Douglas, and more.

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