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SYFY WIRE Bad Astronomy

Introducing Crash Course Physics!

By Phil Plait

Look, I know there’s a huge galaxy-shaped hole in your heart ever since Crash Course Astronomy aired its final episode in January.

But despair not! For now, a new science show is starting: Crash Course Physics! And Episode 1 is all ready to be downloaded into your brain.

There! Now you know how to beat a speeding ticket. Dazzle the cop with Newtonian mechanics.

The new show looks good. The host, Dr. Shini Somara, has a lot of experience in science communication, especially in front of the camera. She got her doctorate in engineering at the ripe old age of 24, so she knows her stuff, too.

The Crash Course shows are set up to be supplemental if you’re taking a class in the topic, or to give you an introduction if you’re just naturally curious. They tend to go fast, but the beauty of putting these on YouTube is you can back up and watch it again and again to make sure you’re grokking everything going on. I’ve found them to be very helpful myself in a broad range of topics, and I think they’ll help you too. So check ‘em all out.

And hey, that book on Dr. Somara’s shelf behind her looks familiar, too.

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