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SYFY WIRE Merry Month of Bae

It's gonna be Bae!

By Cher Martinetti
Merry Month of Bae hero

I don’t know about you, but if it weren’t for internet memes, I’m pretty sure I wouldn’t have known it’s May. 2020 has officially become the “Too Many Cooks” of years and we’re basically all at risk of descending into some sort of madness the longer it goes on.

But fear not, because few things can distract us from potential despair like celebrating the good things in life. And by good things, I mean people who set our hearts and loins aflutter.

Therefore, by the power vested in us by absolutely no one, we’ve officially deemed May the “Merry Month of Bae,” where all month long we celebrate that special breed of people who occupy a special place in our hearts and dirty dreams, they who inspire cosplay, ships, and fuel our filthiest fanfic. Join us — but, like, six feet away — the water's great!

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