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James Corden gets replaced as Late Late Show host in 'Us' horror parody

By Josh Weiss
James Corden Us parody

Jordan Peele's Us has definitely left us more creeped out than ever before, but James Corden and his musical act, Reggie Watts, decided to lighten the mood in the wake of the film's release with a comedic parody sketch on The Late Late Show.

Titled "We," the segment finds Corden and Watts living out a funnier version of the Us trailer as they face off against evil doppelgängers of themselves, who want to replace them both on the late night CBS talk show.

Of course, Corden pokes fun at the concept in the way only he can: his clone has the same "One Direction 4ever" chest tattoo that he has, makes the same jokes as him, and wears the same suit, albeit a red one to mimic the jumpsuits of the malicious copies in the film.

Watch the hilarious parody ensue below:

One great moment arrives when the studio set is covered in rabbits, a recurring motif in Us — which, as some fans have already pointed out (and astutely so) — conjure vivid thoughts of both scientific experimentation and Alice in Wonderland.

"What's with all these rabbits? Did we book another magic act?" asks Corden. "Oh! It's an out of context creepy thing. Very good!"

Speaking to EW back in late December, Peele explained his reasoning for the rabbits and golden scissors we see in Us:

"I’m a filmmaker and film-lover that loves iconic imagery and what it could mean. When we talk about the scissors and the rabbits, for every choice like that, there are several different reasons that clicked to me but the first test that anything passed was the genre test. So does it conjure the horror genre to me, which is a limitation that I feel very dedicated to working within. I think rabbits and scissors, they’re both scary things to me, and both inane things, so I love subverting and bringing out the scariness in things you wouldn’t necessarily associate with that."

Now playing in theaters everywhere, Us took in just over $70 million during its first weekend at the box office. In doing so, the film became the highest-grossing original horror movie in history, and the third highest-grossing horror movie overall.