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'Jurassic World: Camp Cretaceous' teases return of Nedry's shaving cream in final season teaser

The fifth and final season of the animated spinoff hits Netflix July 21.

By Josh Weiss
A still from Jurassic World: Camp Cretaceous

You won't have to go very long without satisfying your craving for dinosaur action this summer. A little over a month after Universal Pictures releases Jurassic World Dominion into theaters across the planet, Netflix will premiere the fifth and final season of Jurassic World: Camp Cretaceous. That's right, the animated spinoff saga that began almost two years ago has a definitive ending on the horizon — one that includes the return of Dennis Nedry's iconic shaving cream can full of precious dino embryos that time forgot.

Despite being less than a minute long, the Season 5 teaser is chock full of snapping jaws and sinister human characters who have somehow managed to train the cloned prehistoric creatures to do their bidding. Watching the footage, you'll spot familiar species like the Spinosaurus (last seen terrorizing Alan Grant in Jurassic Park III) and the frilled, venom-spitting Dilophosaurus (the cause of Nedry's demise in the first movie).

Our roster of young heroes remains the same: Darius (Paul-Mikél Williams), Brooklynn (Jenna Ortega), Kenji (Ryan Potter), Sammy (Raini Rodriguez), Ben (Sean Giambrone), and Yaz (Kausar Mohammed). In particular, Kenji must choose whether to side with his friends or with his father, who was revealed to be a villain at the end of Season 4.

Watch the teaser below:

From the very beginning, the writers of Camp Cretaceous (animated by DreamWorks) have known about the trajectory of the big screen Jurassic World franchise. Speaking at a press junket attended by SYFY WIRE ahead of the first season, executive producer Colin Trevorrow explained that he doesn't like to keep anyone in the dark.

"All of these writers were intimately familiar with everything that we’re doing in Dominion," the filmmaker said when asked if the Netflix characters might show up in the third film. "I didn’t keep any secrets at all, that’s just not how I am. I certainly tell our actors what we’re doing. If they had been in a vacuum like that, it would have been impossible for us to build something that really felt it was part of the same story, so we have built a real foundation here that if the audience chooses to let us forward, then we really can weave this quilt together in a way that I think is really new and exciting and pretty unexpected. All we need is permission from the audience to do so."

Trevorrow serves as an EP on the series alongside Steven Spielberg, Frank Marshall, Scott Kreamer, and Aaron Hammersley. Kreamer and Hammersley are co-showrunners. Zack Stentz is a consulting producer, having developed the project for the small screen.

Jurassic World Dominion stomps onto the big screen Friday, June 10. Season 5 of Jurassic World: Camp Cretaceous arrives on Netflix Thursday, July 21. Seasons 1-4 are now streaming.