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Kelly Sue DeConnick and Mary Livanos on the legacy of Captain Marvel

By Cher Martinetti

Where were you when you realized that Captain Marvel wasn't just another superhero?

For comic book writer and editor Kelly Sue DeConnick, who has received rightful praise for her feminist revamping of the character of Carol Danvers back in 2012, that moment happened when she was watching the trailer for the character's standalone film. For DeConnick, seeing her daughter Tallulah's reaction to the iconic montage of Carol getting back up over the years, "This was the first time it hit me: 'Oh no, this is not just another gig. This is a thing that is gonna affect culture.'"

But the road to Captain Marvel is paved with all the strong female characters we grew up loving and idolizing along the way, and it was with that in mind that SYFY FANGRRLS sat down with DeConnick, as well as Marvel Studios Director of Production and Development Mary Livanos, to talk about how far we've come, which fictional women they grew up watching over and over again, what they'd love to see happen for Carol in the on-screen future of the MCU (like her friendship with Spider-Woman herself, Jessica Drew), and Carol's varying hairstyles throughout the years.