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Locke & Key cast and producers unlock the Head Key


On February 7, Joe Hill and Gabriel Rodriguez's comic book, Locke & Key, will finally make its live-action debut with a new original series on Netflix. The comic and the show follow the Locke family after they move to their ancestral home, Key House. Within the walls of this house are magical keys that can open unimaginable doors and take the Locke family to places they could never dream about. One of the most iconic keys, the Head Key, even allows the user to venture inside of someone's mind. That captured the imagination of the cast and producers behind the show. They also couldn't resist telling us what their inner mindscape would look like.

"Mine would be a library," explained Darby Stanchfield, who portrays the Locke family matriarch, Nina. "All the subject matters would be organized because there would be a card catalogue. But we're talking old library... with big globes, and ladders, and atlases. Oh, and old books. There would be rare books, there would be lots of dust, a little bit of magic, and some cobwebs. And I think it would be full of people, it would be a busy library."

Former Falling Skies star Connor Jessup plays Nina's son, Tyler Locke. And he had a very different view of what the Head Key would find in his mind.

"All of the answers I’m thinking of are so dark," said Jessup. "It would be a rundown movie theater. It doesn't work, like the screen is still there and the projector is still there but everything's broken. There's like one seat that you sit on and you go through it... There's no popcorn, there's mold..."

Additionally, Locke & Key executive producers Carlton Cuse and Meredith Averill shared their Head Key visions. Watch below (or above)!