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Love, memory, and murder: Another day in Ruby Falls

By Mike Avila

The neo-noirish stylings of Dark Horse Comics and Berger Books' Ruby Falls are on full display since the enticing premiere issue dropped in October.

Written by Ann Nocenti (The Seeds, Daredevil) and layered with absorbing art from Italian illustrator Flavia Biondi (La Generazione), this evocative title is a lush tale of love, memory, and murder effortlessly woven through three generations of women and hinging on their individual, intertwined fights for freedom in the sleepy old mining town of Ruby Falls.

Ruby Falls 1

SYFY WIRE spoke with Ann Nocenti and editor Karen Berger about the inspirations and influences injected into Ruby Falls, where the miniseries' "fallen woman" plot originated, reawakened ghosts of the infamous Black Dahlia murder case, and one granddaughter's search for the truth in a mysterious town where the water sometimes runs red.

"What really appealed to me about that idea was that it really explored women's roles in society, and what's expected of women, or what society expects of them," Berger explains. "And it's explored through three generations of women. No one's really done that in comics. It's very relatable on so many levels."

Enter the world of Ruby Falls in our Behind the Panel One-Shot below.