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Mike Mignola reveals which comics storyline he'd use for a Hellboy sequel

By James Comtois
Hellboy (2019)

Despite the hellish reviews the new Hellboy film is getting, it’s still on track to do well at the box office, meaning that it could still spawn a sequel. And if it does, Hellboy creator Mike Mignola knows just the story from the comics on which to base a potential Hellboy 2. 

In an interview with, Mignola said that he thinks a sequel, if one gets made, should continue the storyline started in director Neil Marshall's reboot. 

"If we get to do another film, I think the idea would have to continue on in the [direction] of the comics — continuing the big storyline from 'Darkness Calls,' 'The Wild Hunt,' and 'The Storm and The Fury,' " said Mignola. "Some changes would need to be made, some characters swapped out and certain events presented in a different order, but I think those books would still be our road map." 

Mignola added that one day, he’d “still love to see a really faithful adaptation of 'The Crooked Man.' ”

The current critical consensus of the new Hellboy film is that, while attempting to be more faithful to the source material than Guillermo del Toro’s films (2004’s Hellboy and 2008’s Hellboy II: The Golden Army, the latter of which was a wholly original story not taken from the comics), it lacks the wit and visual innovation that the previous films provided. 

Still, Hellboy is expected to do well this weekend, bringing in $17 million to $21 million, putting it among the top box office winners. 

Hellboy opens in theaters tomorrow.