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SYFY WIRE Bad Astronomy

Morgan Freeman Asks Questions

By Phil Plait

Itâs hard not to like Morgan Freeman. He has that voice. But he also seems like the kind of guy I (or anyone) would get along with: funny, smart, and also curious about the world around him.

That last is one of my favorite things a person can be.

He produces and hosts the show Through the Wormhole with Morgan Freeman on the Science Channel. Itâs a pretty good program, and Iâm not saying that just because my friend Sean Carroll has been on it. I find it very enjoyable and very well-produced.

So I was pleased to be contacted by Freemanâs office asking me to take a look at a promo video they did for the showâs fourth season. I get the occasional request like that, and usually face them with a feeling of dreadâsome, um, arenât so great. But this time, I figured it would be pretty good. And it was:

Ha! Iâm looking forward to seeing what questions theyâll tackle in Season 4. Including, I hope, why is he so sexy?

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