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SYFY WIRE mummies

Mummy parts found inside speaker at Egyptian airport, heads still missing

By Adam Pockross
Brendan Fraser Rachel Weisz The Mummy Returns

As if we needed another reason to dream of a swashbuckling reunion between Rachel Weisz and Brendan Fraser, now we’ve got one… well, parts of one, thanks to some Cairo International Airport security officials who recently intercepted mummy parts hidden inside of a loudspeaker.  

Mummy smugglers of the most audacious variety were caught cloth-handed via security X-rays while trying to smuggle mummified human limbs out of Egypt and into Belgium. Wrapped up in the hollowed-out speaker were “six preserved body parts belonging to two different mummies: two sets of feet and lower legs; two sets of hands and forearms; an upper arm; and part of an upper torso,” according to The New York Times, which spoke to Egyptian archaeological official Iman Abdel-Raouf about the incident. No word on where the heads are, though.

Seriously, no word at all. Just limbs. So presumably there are two bodyless mummy heads terrifying someone somewhere. 

As such, the case is far from wrapped, so the remains are being sent to Cairo’s Egyptian Museum to be inspected and preserved by a team of archaeologists not, unfortunately, headed by Evelyn Carnahan. Or at least not as far as we know. The team hopes to uncover the origins of these new found remains, and place them in relation to the rest of the region’s ancient history, and presumably, the heads. 

Yes, we’re probably making light of the situation – as Egypt has had major issues keeping criminals from looting and trafficking its inequities, including mummies, to the tune of an estimated $3 billion lost worth since the 2011 revolution – but thoughts of Brendan Fraser completing his inevitable comeback are wont to make us a little lightheaded.

Hey, at least we still have a head to get lighted. 

Sorry, is that joke in poor taste too? We're just having a hard time wrapping our still-intact heads around this one.