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Nerd Disses Now on Amazon and Smashwords!

By Phil Plait

[The holidays are coming up, so over the next few weeks Iâll be writing about some of the gift ideas I think youâll like (mostly books and such). If you have a geek in your life â or you are the geek in your life â these will be relevant to your interests.]

When you argue over a scientific topic, are you so geektastically advanced over your opponent that you actually think of the situation as being a Möbius argument⦠one-sided?

Have you ever been so lazy that when it comes time to feed your cat, you think, âEh, maybe the quantum state of the food bowl will spontaneously collapse to being full of foodâ?

Have you ever watched a TV show and wanted to yell âTIME TRAVEL DOESNâT WORK THAT WAY!â at the writers?

Then have I got a book for you: â27 Nerd Disses: A Significant Quantity of Disrespectâ, a collection of nerdy insults useful for all (dork-laden) occasions. Written by me, Zach Weiner (of Saturday Morning Breakfast Cereal) and illustrated by Jess Fink, this book is loaded with biological, chemical, historical, astronomical, literary, and physics-based insults sure to assuage your nerd rage.

We actually released the book a few months ago on Gumroad, but due to the tireless work of Michael Johnson, itâs now available on Kindle at Amazon, and in a bunch of formats (like iBooks and Nook) on Smashwords!

In fact, after we it was listed on Amazon on Sunday Nov. 10, it quickly rocketed up to the #1 slot there under Jokes and Riddles both under Books and for Kindle. Woohoo! Thanks, nerds!

You can read more about the book in my earlier post about it. In fact, if you buy the book and like it, please leave a review on Amazon. And if you didnât like it, then clearly you are so literarily bereft you think âAs You Like Itâ is a libertarian apologetics tract.

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