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Netflix’s ‘BioShock’ feature adaptation snags ‘Logan’ screenwriter and ‘Hunger Games’ director

It looks like Netflix is moving ahead on bringing the city of Rapture to a television screen near you.

By Vanessa Armstrong
Bioshock 2 Remastered 4 PRESS

It’s been six months since we found out that Netflix was partnering with 2K and Take-Two Interactive to adapt the popular video game franchise, BioShock, into a live-action feature. Things have been fairly quiet since then, until today, when news broke that the project officially has a writer and director on board.

According to Variety, the filmmaker behind The Hunger Games films, Francis Lawrence, has signed on to direct, while screenwriter Michael Green (Logan, Blade Runner 2049) is on board to pen the script. 

The BioShock franchise includes three first-person shooter games — BioShock, BioShock 2, and BioShock Infinite. The first two games take place in the crumbling underwater city of Rapture. The story starts out in 1960 where the city — an Ayn Rand-inspired place initially built to be a utopia free from religion or government intervention — has become a dystopian nightmare. Among its decaying streets are those who have gone insane from a genetically-altering chemical called ADAM as well as hulking characters known as Big Daddies who protect creepy little girls called Little Sisters. The player finds themselves in the first-person perspective of a guy named Jack, a man who finds himself in Rapture after his plane crashes. The third game takes place in a floating city called Columbia that’s really, really into the “American way” of life. 

This isn't the first attempt to adapt the games. Back in 2008, Universal Pictures was working on a film adaptation that, after two directors and several battles over budget, eventually fizzled out. The BioShock games have sold more than 39 million copies worldwide, however, so it's not surprising that Netflix wanted to make its own attempt at an adaptation.

There's no news yet on who will be cast in the streaming platform’s BioShock, however, much less when it will premiere. 

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