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NYCC 2019: Alan Tudyk discusses Resident Alien, Firefly, and Star Wars


Mark Bernardin spoke to Alan Tudyk at New York Comic Con 2019! In this SYFY WIRE panel, Tudyk talks about his new SYFY TV show, Resident Alien. Based on the comic book written by Peter Hogan, Resident Alien features Tudyk plays Harry Vanderspeigele, an alien who crash-lands on Earth and has to fit in with humans.

In addition to discussing Resident Alien, Tudyk discusses doing live theatre; a new series of Firefly comic books; how Firefly is a nerd "staple"; Tudyk's relationship with comic conventions over the years; and the potential for new episodes of Con Men, including ideas they had that were never shot.

Tudyk gets the crowd on board with an animated Firefly series and hints at more potential Star Wars work. There is a lot to digest in this panel, so check it out!

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