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NYCC 2019: Wonder Woman: Bloodlines cast on bringing Diana's origins to life in a new way

By Fangrrls Staff

Wonder Woman is experiencing a bit of an upward trajectory right now — and with good reason, obvi — but now her origins are being explored like never before in a new movie called Wonder Woman: Bloodlines, with none other than Rosario Dawson voicing the Themysciran warrior. SYFY WIRE's Whitney Moore was joined on stage at New York Comic Con 2019 by the cast and crew of the upcoming film.

For Mairghread Scott, whose Wonder Woman stories have graced the pages of comics before, this was her first time writing for a full, feature-length movie all about Diana. "This is a character that I've cosplayed, that I love; she's on my wall, she's in my jewelry box. So I'm just really excited to get to tell this story."

Diana will be joined on her adventure by her constant friend and companion, Etta Candy, voiced this time around by Moore. "[I'm] keeping this one in check," Adrienne C. Moore joked, gesturing to Dawson. Meanwhile, The 100's Marie Avgeropoulos will be lending her voice to Silver Swan, one of Wonder Woman's frequent adversaries who possesses the power of a sonic scream, while The Blacklist's Mozhan Marnò is voicing longtime Wonder Woman foe Doctor Cyber.

As for Dawson's approach to an iconic character she's portrayed more than once?

"With the levity that she deserves and with the reality that now she's in a completely different iteration than she's ever been before. It's so gratifying and amazing to see an iconic character that has just traversed culture and language and borders for generations." According to Dawson, both her mother and grandmother also grew up loving Wonder Woman, and she stressed the importance of inspiring the next generation as well, including her own daughter.

It's a good time to be a fan of superheroes, but "especially female superheroes," Dawson said.

Check out our full interview with the Wonder Woman: Bloodlines crew, where they talk about making this project with a lot of love, the diversity involved in bringing it to life, which qualities of Wonder Woman they love and can relate to personally, and why they're excited for fans to see this film.