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SYFY WIRE Objects in Space

Objects in Space 1/29/19: Running the gauntlet

By Carly Lane

Can you believe it's only Tuesday? Can you? I'm absolutely gobsmacked that we've made so little progress in the week already when it feels like we should be much further along. Can we just collectively agree that it's already Friday and skip ahead past the freezing cold weather (for some of us) and start the weekend early? Good deal.

- How Amelia takes back power and breaks the mold in Season 3 of True Detective. (Collider)
- Outlander’s John Bell on Young Ian’s life-changing decision. (Vulture)
- It’s time to rethink who’s best suited for space travel. (Wired)
- Why a rebooted Hunchback of Notre Dame could work, but probably won’t. (Forbes)

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