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SYFY WIRE Terminator 2: Judgment Day

Sneak peek: Robert Patrick and Josh Horowitz go 'On Location' to iconic Terminator 2 settings

By Brian Silliman
Terminator 2

The very thought of visiting some of the iconic locations from Terminator 2: Judgement Day has us shivering with fear, mostly because they remind us of Robert Patrick's unforgettable turn as the T-1000. His metallic cyborg with a penchant for "knives ... stabbing weapons" became a genre phenomenon in the summer of 1991, and now Patrick is going back to visit some of the old haunts that he himself once thoroughly haunted. 

Patrick's visit to the past comes as a part of Paramount Network's YouTube series On Location, hosted by Josh Horowitz. The series visits iconic locations from different corners of cinema — one episode, for example, took M. Night Shyamalan to some memorable landmarks from The Sixth Sense

In an exclusive new look at the next episode in the series, watch Horowitz take Patrick for a stroll around various T2 locales, including the house of John Connor's foster parents (RIP) and that dreaded overpass that he once smashed right over with a rather large truck. 

Take a look right here: 

Speaking with SYFY WIRE, Horowitz couldn't be more psyched about the episode. 

"I know I'm not alone in saying this — T2 is pretty much the ultimate action movie for me. And the fact that it's held up so well is just a testament to James Cameron's writing and directing but also to timeless and indelible performances like the one Robert Patrick gave as the T-1000," says Horowitz.

"When T2 came up as a potential idea for an episode of On Location, we knew one spot we needed to visit — the site of the massive motorcycle/truck chase. Robert hadn't been back there in nearly 30 years but you wouldn't know it from the vivid memories that immediately came flooding back. He seemed to relish being back there, totally at peace with the role that's helped define his career."

Finally, Horowitz adds, "This episode represents exactly what we're trying to accomplish with On Location. It's the perfect movie, the perfect guest, and the perfect location." 

It's hard to argue with any of that. 

You can catch the rest of the episodes of On Location here.