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SYFY WIRE Thor: Love and Thunder

What does the 'Thor: Love and Thunder' mid-credit reveal mean for the MCU? Ask Kevin Feige

On all matters that concern the future of the MCU, Taika Waititi knows whom to defer to.

By Vanessa Armstrong
Chris Hemsworth In Thor Love And Thunder PRESS

**SPOILER WARNING! This post contains spoilers for Thor: Love and Thunder!**

Like the Marvel Cinematic Universe films before it, Thor: Love and Thunder boasts not one but two scenes after the movie is officially “over.” The first scene left many Marvel and Ted Lasso fans gasping, when a bedraggled Zeus (Russell Crowe) shows up complaining with great gusto to his son, Hercules, about how he wants to get back at Thor for trying to murder him.  

The end of the scene has Zeus asking his son to avenge him, and we cut to Hercules, who is played by none other than the F-bomb-dropping Ted Lasso actor, Brett Goldstein, aka Roy Kent. 

The introduction of Goldstein's Hercules could mean a lot of things for the MCU. But Love and Thunder director, Taika Waititi, apparently has no idea what those things are. 

“I don’t know if [Hercules has] to do with Thor,” Waititi told Uproxx. “Because, obviously, Hercules, there’s a character from the books as well. And so, yeah, this will be interesting to see because [Marvel Chief Creative Officer, Kevin Feige], he’s obviously the mastermind of all of these threads and how they’ll tie up and how they meet, mix and match. So I’m curious to find out myself.”

Waititi also shared that it was Feige’s decision to cast Goldstein in the role. “Kevin really wanted him to do it,” the director said, “and yeah, Brett’s amazing. He’s great.”

So apparently Feige's a Ted Lasso fan?

You can catch your first glimpse of Goldstein as a grumbling demi-god in Thor: Love and Thunder in theaters now, and here’s hoping Feige will let us see more of him the MCU in the near future.

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