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Onward's Tom Holland and Chris Pratt describe the ultimate D&D game

By Tara Bennett

Next week, MCU stars Tom Holland and Chris Pratt will reunite in Onward, the latest animated film from Pixar. Holland and Pratt play Ian and Barley Lightfoot, a pair of brothers who live in a fantasy world nearly devoid of magic as they attempt to reunite with their father. The Dungeons & Dragons roleplaying game was clearly a large influence on the film. However, Holland confessed to a lack of familiarity with the game itself ...

"My introduction to D&D was from the show Community," admitted Holland. "While I was working with the Russo Brothers on Cherry [a feature film due later in 2020], I started watching Community, and that episode of television is one of my favorite episodes of all time. I really want to play it. I've never played D&D before... so I would love to sit down with some buddies and make that happen [because] it seems really fun."

As for Pratt, he's a roleplaying game veteran who has experience far beyond D&D and dating back to his childhood. Although Pratt seemed to be unaware that Critical Role already brings actors together for a game of D&D, he did suggest a powerhouse lineup of celebrities for his ultimate version of the game.

"You gotta have Julia Louis-Dreyfus, who's in this movie, but I think it would be really great in the room because she's so funny," said Pratt. "Mel Rodriguez is also in this movie and he's really good. Tracey Ullman has a voice in this movie, that would be very good to have her there. [Robert Downey Jr.] would be great... especially if you could beat him."

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