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SYFY WIRE Bad Astronomy


By Phil Plait

I donât think I need to add much to this except I was destined to post this video, because of my love for Beethovenâs 9th Symphony coupled with an odd but ultimately harmless obsession with theremins. You know, the electronic device that measures the electric field as your hand waves around and changes the pitch and volume of the âoooowwwwwweeeeeooooooâ sound it makes, the instrument that launched a hundred 1950s scifi soundtracks.

Oh, did I mention that in this piece, all 167 theremins were hidden inside matryoshka dolls? Of course they were.

Your move, doctors and artists and scientists. The bar for the greatest achievement of mankind has been set.

[P.S. I just discovered that you can buy these matryoshka theremins for just $650! You now know what to get me for the holidays.]

Tip oâ the Krell brain booster to Slate staff writer Forrest Wickman.

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