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SYFY WIRE Pennyworth

'Pennyworth' gets a very on-the-nose new title ahead of Season 3 premiere on HBO Max

Jack Bannon returns as Batman's future butler this October.

By Josh Weiss
Jack Bannon Pennyworth

Even though Pennyworth takes place years before the rise of the Caped Crusader in Gotham, Warner Bros. Discovery doesn't want us to forget about Alfred's undying allegiance to crime-fighting billionaire Bruce Wayne. Ahead of the prequel show's Season 3 premiere on HBO Max this October, the studio has tacked on an official subtitle: The Origin of Batman's Butler.

Thanks for clarifying, WB.

The latest batch of episodes taking place in an alternate 1960s Britain will jump five years into the future, exploring a post-civil war period in which "a cultural revolution has changed the world for better or worse — ushering in a new age of superheroes and supervillains," per the logline. Jack Bannon reprises the role of the spy-turned-steward, leading a cast that includes: Ben Aldridge (Thomas Wayne), Emma Paetz (Martha Kane), Paloma Faith (Bet Sykes), Ryan Fletcher (Wallace McDougal), Dorothy Atkinson (Mary Pennyworth), Ramon Tikaram (Inspector Victor Aziz), Harriet Slater (Sandra Onslow), and Simon Manyonda (Lucius Fox).

Check out the Season 3 teaser below:

Gotham co-creators Bruno Heller and Danny Cannon developed the project and serve as executive producers alongside Matthew Patnick and John Stephens. The show, which originally aired on Epix, is filmed in the United Kingdom at Warner Bros. Studios Leavesden (better known as the main hub of production for the eight Harry Potter films, now streaming on Peacock!).

Chatting with Collider in 2019, Heller and Cannon revealed that they had a five-season story in mind. "One of the things you have to start with, or at least I and Danny do, is that, if you don’t have some idea of what Episode 9 of Season 4 is gonna be, then it’s probably not a good TV idea," Heller explained. "In success, that’s what you’re gonna be faced with, so it just makes sense to be sure that you have a story that has enough juice in it, that it will carry on, and can keep changing and growing."

Alfred will serve up a silver platter of whup-ass (and a pretty great impression of Michael Caine) when Pennyworth Season 3 arrives this October. While a specific date has yet to be announced, viewers can catch up on the story thus far with the first two seasons now streaming on HBO Max.

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