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Truth and identity align in Phillip Sevy's new creator-owned sci-fi saga, Triage

By Jeff Spry
Triage Hero

Navigating the nature of identity, rebirth, and destiny, an intriguing new sci-fi series from Dark Horse Comics chronicles the intersecting lives of a conflicted hospital nurse, a high-flying superhero, and a gritty post-apocalyptic warrior — and SYFY WIRE has an exclusive preview and revealing comments from its rising star creator.

Triage strikes comic shops September 4 and tells an intensely personal tale from writer/artist Phillip Sevy (Tomb Raider, The Freeze), whose own fundamental religious roots are reflected in the title's ambitious scope.

Triage Cover

The plot follows a dedicated nurse named Evie Pierce who awakens to an unsettling world beside two other women: a young, smart-ass superhero and a hardened freedom fighter of a futuristic wasteland. When a mysterious reality-crossing robot begins to hunt them down, the women must band together to survive and learn the uncanny secret of why their disparate fates are intertwined.

Triage Slice

Sevy's circuitous path into comics found him injecting two important events from his life into Triage.

"I received an undergraduate degree in corporate finance and worked for Goldman Sachs for a few years in my 20s," Sevy tells SYFY WIRE. "I went to a top-ranked business school and got a job with a top investment bank. While my actual job itself wasn’t glamorous, I was doing everything well and according to my goals … and I hated it.

"So I had to make a major pivot and go to comics—something I’d always wanted to do growing up. The second event occurred in the last few years, when I decided to leave Mormonism behind. I was a devout Mormon growing up; I was a missionary when I was 19. It wasn’t until I was in my 30s that I broke with my religion. Triage takes these very personal events I had and finds the commonality in emotions and experiences. Also: lots of fighting, punching, explosions, and fun mayhem!”

Triage Splash

“Readers can expect a fast-paced, dense, exciting, and fun action/adventure story with just the right balance of character and soap opera—basically everything you expect and want in a comic!" he adds. "My goal was always to make a comic so entirely a comic-reading experience that it bucked comparisons to other media."

Delivered with letters by Frank Cvetkovic and a variant cover from Hannah Templer, the debut issue of Triage arrives on September 4. Check out our expanded look at Dark Horse Comics' premiere offering in the gallery below, then tell us if you'll help support this visionary project.