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SYFY WIRE Bad Astronomy

Pic of pairs of planets and people

By Phil Plait

Astrophotographer Guillaume Poulin sent me this wonderful and lovely picture he took of the Venus/Jupiter conjunction on March 11, 2012:

[Click to embiggen.]

I love the colors of the sky in this! I also like the theme of pairs; the planets, the humans, and the barns. This was taken near the Mont-Mégantic Observatory in Canada, right after sunset, so the silhouettes of Guillaume's girlfriend and her brother are nice and sharp. Simply beautiful.

And if Guillaume's name is familiar, that's because he and Rémi Boucher created an amazing time lapse video I featured here not long ago of the eastern US coast as seen by the space station. I sure hope he keeps making such beautiful imagery so I can feature it here.

... and the two planets are still making a spectacle of themselves to the west. Make sure you go look!

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